Cyber Attack! – What is the worst case scenario in medical devices?

In recent years, healthcare has become one of the most attractive targets for cyber-attackers, even more than the financial sector. Attacks are mainly driven by the high economic rewards for organized crime, who are focusing in attacks that would expose medical records, which prices of which are on the rise. In the search for ways to breach health organizations, hackers increasingly take advantage of the lax security on medical devices as a potential entry point to health service providers' networks, enabling them to gain unauthorized access to medical records.

However, losing confidentiality of millions of patients' data is not the only impact that cyber-attacks targeting medical devices can lead to. This presentation discusses cybersecurity threats for health service providers and other users of medical devices. We will cover medical devices cybersecurity posture and the day-to-day reality of how medical devices are used and implemented and how it impacts cybersecurity in general and the devices' cybersecurity particularly. Additionally, we will discuss the reasons why medical devices manufacturers need manage their own risks and the risks of others by implementing proper cybersecurity into the device.